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Library Manual for Students

Library Manual for Students

Locating Print Materials

Locating Print Materials

When browsing the Library or looking for a specific item, it is helpful to know where each type of item is located. If students experience any difficulty in locating materials, Library staff will be glad to assist them. This section will review the various material types and their location within the Library:


Circulating Books

Books designated for circulation are to be found in the main part of the collection.  


Reserve Materials

Reserve materials are kept behind the circulation desk. 


Current Periodicals

Current periodicals are found in the back of the Library. They are next to the study tables that line the back wall. Older periodicals can be found near the emergency exit of the library.


Digitized Major Writing Projects 

Research projects completed by Luther Rice Doctor of Ministry students can be obtained in electronic format by contacting the library staff. These are identified with the prefix MWP in the library catalog.


Reference Books

Reference books are located in the front of the library, near the main entrance.


New Books

Most new books are on display in front of the Circulation Desk. Some may be found within the main collection.


Baptist Newspapers
These are located in the magazine display unit near the library computers.


Library of Congress Classification System

Library of Congress Classification System


Arrangement of Circulation Material

The Circulating Book Collection and the Reference Book Collection are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification System. Single or double letters are initially used to categorize all areas of human knowledge. The majority of the collection is filed under Religion and is to be found in sections BL through BX. See this video for more information on using the LOCC System.


Arrangement of Non-Circulation Material

The Periodical Collection is arranged alphabetically by title. Other items such as videos, Major Writing Projects, books in the Smith Collection, audio-cassettes, microfiche, and books in the Antique Book Collection have their own unique classification system.