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DM 9300 Innovative Pastoral Ministry : Bible Reference

Bible Reference Resources

This is a general Bible Reference page shared by courses that are Bible-focused. Not every resource in this guide will be relevant to your particular course.

General Bible Dictionaries (eBooks)

Begin your research by using either the print or online reference collection of the Library. A reference source will give you a broad overview of your topic. Use the table of contents or index to find articles with information on your topic. Also, see if the article has a bibliography, which can give you some great leads to other sources.

New Testament Dictionaries

Old Testament Dictionaries

Concise Bible Dictionaries

Bible Dictionary in Spanish

Word Studies (eBooks)

Word Studies (New Testament Specific)

Other Bible Reference EBooks

Bible Atlases

How to Access EBSCO eBooks from LibGuides

Accessing EBSCO eBooks from LibGuides is so easy!

1) Simply click on the title of the eBook you are interested in.

2) Then click the Students login option. (If you are not already logged in to Blackboard or My Campus, you will get a login screen. If you are logged in to either Blackboard or My Campus, you will automatically be logged in to the library.)

3) Click the "Full Text" link to open the eBook. (In a ProQuest eBook, it is "Read Online.")

4) You may navigate the eBook through using the Table of Contents, by entering a page number to jump to, or through simply scrolling through the book. You can also "Search within" the book (top left).

5) You may use the "Save Pages" link to save specific pages for most eBooks. When you click on a book title you see the record. In the Publisher Permissions field of the record you see how many pages can be saved or printed for each book per day. 

6) In order to do a full download of an EBSCO eBook, you must have a My EBSCOhost account. See this visual guide for instructions. (Please note the download expires in 7-14 days and you must use Adobe Digital Editions to access the file.)

Report a Broken Link

Report a Broken Link 

If you find a link that is not working, please let us know the name of the guide you are in and the title of the item you are attempting to open. You may email us at  (copy/paste broken URL), call, or let us know through chat.

We will update the guide and be very grateful for your help.