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Textbooks Available in EBook Format

Here you will find a list of course textbooks that are available to you for free as library eBooks.

Using eBooks

All eBooks are available to read online. Some are available to checkout for a specified period of time. There are several things to keep in mind:

  • EBooks can be unlimited user access or have a limited number of copies available for simultaneous use. Even though eBooks are digital, they are still copyrighted material and usage rights are up to the publishers of each book. 

  • Unlimited user eBooks can be read/checked out/ downloaded by an unlimited number of students at the same time. These are marked unlimited access in this guide. These are the only textbooks we would ever recommend substituting for your own purchased copy.

  • Single-user books can only be accessed by one user at a time for each copy. However, most offer the ability to download/email limited portions of the book. Each eBook record includes details regarding how much of it can be saved to a PDF. We do not recommend substituting these for purchasing your own copy, as they could be unavailable to you when needed.

  • The number of pages you can save or email may vary depending on individual publisher-specified limits. To learn how to save, print, or email eBook Chapters, see: How can I print or save EBSCO eBook pages as a PDF?

  • If you are using a laptop or desktop, you need Adobe Digital Editions software program to download EBSCO and ProQuest eBooks.

AP 3904 Principles of Apologetics

AP 4900 Apologetics and God's Existence

AP 4905 Cultural Apologetics

BI 0200 How to Study and Interpret the Bible

CO 2700 Principles of Counseling

CO 2701 Theories of Counseling

CO 4703 Marriage and Family Counseling

CO 4704 Vocational Counseling

EV 3402 Personal Evangelism

HI 2300 Survey of Church History

MI 2400 Survey of Christian Missions

MP 1401 Preparing for Christian Ministry

MP 4403 Christian Ministry Practicum

NT 1200 New Testament Survey

NT 2201 Life of Christ

NT 2204 Gospel of John

NT 3206 Romans

NT 3207 Corinthian Epistles

NT 3215 Pastoral Epistles

NT 4219 Hebrews

NT 4227 Revelation

OT 1200 Old Testament Survey

OT 2201 Genesis

OT 2206 Joshua-Judges

OT 3228 Minor Prophets (Hosea-Malachi)

OT 4214 Chronicles

PH 1900 Philosophy & Critical Thinking

PH 1901 Principles of Philosophy

PH 2901 Contemporary Moral Philosophy

PM 3400 Principles of Ministerial Leadership

PM 3401 Foundations of Pastoral Ministry

PM 4403 Principles of Administration in Ministry

PY 2703 Principles of Psychology

TH 3301 Survey of Theology I

TH 3302 Survey of Theology II

TH 4303 Christology