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Textbooks Available in EBook Format

Here you will find a list of course textbooks that are available to you for free as library eBooks.

Using eBooks

The eBooks in this guide are available to read online or from your mobile device. There are several things to know:

Reading EBooks Online

  • The easiest way to use eBooks is to read the books online. Simply click the title, log in and click the Full Text link or Read Online link. There is typically a table of contents to help you navigate more easily through the book.

  • Most eBooks offer the ability to download limited portions of the book. Each eBook record includes details regarding how much of it can be saved to a PDF. To download a portion: Click the down arrow next to the chapter you would like to download. Follow the prompts. See this guide for additional assistance: How can I print or save EBSCO eBook pages as a PDF?

  • Most of the online eBooks can be highlighted and notated, as well, when you have an account in EBSCO. ProQuest personal accounts are automatically created. As soon as you highlight the eBook in ProQuest, it will add it to your personal virtual bookshelf.

Reading eBooks on a Mobile Device

  • If you would like to read EBSCO eBooks on your mobile device, download the EBSCO mobile app from your app store. Find Luther Rice College and log in with your student login and search for the book in the app.

  • Axis 360 eBooks must be read online or on the mobile app. Check your app store for the Axis 360 app.

  • To read Axis 360 eBooks, you must login with your student email address and zip code.

Downloading Full EBooks

  • If you would like to download an eBook, it must be an Unlimited Access eBook and you will need the Adobe Digital Editions software program to download EBSCO and ProQuest eBooks. The download will expire within 1-2 weeks.

  • You will also need to agree to EBSCO's account terms, as downloading eBooks requires a personal EBSCO account.

AP 5901 Foundations of Apologetics

AP 5904 Apologetic Methods

AP 5905 Biblical Apologetics

AP 5906 Theological Apologetics

AP 6907 Apologetics and Miracles

AP 6908 Apologetics and the Problem of Evil

AP 6909 Apologetics and Worldviews

BE 7404 Preparing an Expository Message

BE 7405 Delivering an Expository Message

BI 5201 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

CM 7402 The Work of Ministry

CM 7406 Church Administration

CM 7407 Ministry Practicum

CO 5701 Introduction to Counseling Theories

CO 5702 Foundations in Counseling

CO 5703 Helping Skills

CO 5704 Marriage and Family Counseling

CO 6705 Issues, Ethics, and Legal Concerns for Counselors

CO 6706 Crisis Counseling

CO 6707 Methodology for Counseling

CO 6708 Counseling Practicum

EV 7401 Personal and Church Evangelism

GR 5201 New Testament Greek Grammar I

GR 5202 New Testament Greek Grammar II

GR 6203 Intermediate New Testament Greek

GR 6204 New Testament Greek Exegesis

HE 5201 Old Testament Hebrew Grammar I

HE 5202 Old Testament Hebrew Grammar II

HE 6204 Old Testament Hebrew Exegesis

HI 5311: Church History I: Early church era through Renaissance Era

HI 5312 Church History II: Reformation through the Contemporary Era

LD 5803 Foundations of Leadership

LD 5804 Organizational Culture

LD 5805 Leadership Development

LD 6807 Organizational Strategic Planning

LD 6808 Conflict Resolution for Organizational Leaders

LD 6809 Leadership Team Development

LD 6811 Leading in Global Contexts

MI 7403 Christian Missions

NT 5200 - Introduction to the New Testament

NT 6202 Gospel of Mark

NT 6205 Acts of the Apostles

NT 6206 Romans

NT 6207 1 Corinthians

NT 6227 Revelation

OT 5200 Introduction to the Old Testament

OT 6201 Genesis

OT 6218 Job

OT 6219 Psalms

OT 6223 Isaiah

OT 6227 Daniel

TH 5300 Applied Theology for Spiritual Development

TH 6301 Systematic Theology I

TH 6302 Systematic Theology II

TH 6303 Systematic Theology III