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Borrow from Other Libraries

This guide organizes all of the academic libraries from which our students can obtain borrowing privileges.


Look below to find the instructions for how to sign up for the specific borrowing agreement program associated with your library of interest. (Each library listed in this guide has at least one acronym beside it, indicating the borrower's program the library is associated with.)

You must be a current student in good standing with Luther Rice and Smith Library, in order to be granted borrowing privileges with other libraries.


1) In order to access borrowing privileges from a GPALS institution, you will need to acquire a GPALS Borrower's Card. Send your request to Please confirm your mailing address in the email, as well, or let us know if you would rather pick up the card.

2) Once you acquire your GPALS card through the mail, you may take it to any participating GPALS library to receive borrowing privileges. The card must be updated each semester.


1) In order to receive borrowing privileges from a CLC participating institution, there is a form you must complete. You may open the form here and print it.

2) Complete the top half of the form that requires your contact information. Please remember to sign and date in the appropriate place.

3) Scan the signed form and send it to us at

4) After we complete the form, we will scan and email it back to you. You will then take this form to the library you wish to use to show that you are a Luther Rice student in good standing. The form will need to be updated each year.


1) Make sure you have a Luther Rice Student ID card by requesting one through email at With your request please also send the following:

  • a copy of an official form of photo identification (such as a Driver's License)
  • a current, headshot photo of yourself with no hats or sunglasses 
  • your current mailing address where you would like to receive your ID card

2) Take your Luther Rice student ID card to any participating library associated with ATLA and request borrowing privileges.

3) Depending on the institution, they may want to call us to confirm you are a current student, in good standing.