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Turabian Citation Style Guide 9th Edition: C. Videos and Podcasts

About Citing Books

For each type of source in this guide, the general form and specific examples will be provided for the Notes-Bibliography style options of Turabian.

This information and several of the examples were drawn from A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (9th Edition). Numbers in parentheses refer to specific pages in the manual.

For further information, please ask your instructor or refer to the Turabian manual.

Videos and Podcasts

Videos and podcasts are cited similar to movies or television programs as shown in the examples below. Citations for videos or podcasts may vary depending on which information is pertinent to your research. Your citation should at least include the title of the video or podcast, date it was released or made available and the name of the entity responsible for producing it. If viewed online, include the date of access and the URL (17.10.3).

Citations of videos and podcasts can normally be limited to the notes or woven into the text (see 17.4.3). In general, when using the Notes-Bibliography style, please refer to the Manual for different examples (


General Format

Superscript Note Number. "Title of Video or Podcast"directed by First Name of Director Last Name of Director, featuring (Names of Primary Actors & Actresses), Date of Release, type of video or podcast, length 00:00, url.
Bibliographic Entry (two example formats):
"Title of Video." Directed by First Name and Last Name of Director. Produced by Producing Company. Date of Release. Type of video or podcast, length 00:00. url.
Last Name, First Name of Director dir. "Title of Video." Produced by Producing Company. Date of Release.Type of video or podcast, length 00:00. url.


4 Aaron M. Kessler, "The Driverless Now," produced by Poh Si Teng and Jessica Naudziunas, New York Times, May 2, 2015, video, 2:01, /the-driverless-now.html.
Bibliographic Entry:
Lyiscott, Jamila. "3 Ways to Speak English." Filmed February 2014 in New York, NY. TED video, 4:29.
Helpful Tip: When you use long urls in footnotes or bibliography entries, you can use the spacebar at a point in the url that will split it between two different lines. It is often necessary to break up the url in order to make it look neater on the page, prevent gaps, and maintain correct formatting.