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Getting Started with eBooks: Home

Get an overview of Luther Rice Library's three eBook collections.

Introduction to EBooks

Introduction to Library EBooks

This guide will introduce you to our 3 eBook collections and familiarize you with some similarities and differences between them.  

What is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic book that contains the same information as its print edition, but which can be instantly accessed from a device with an internet connection.

What is the benefit of using eBooks?

There are many benefits to using eBooks. The four main benefits are:

  • EBooks are instantly accessible without leaving the house or office.
  • EBooks are fully searchable by keyword.
  • You are free to make as many notes, bookmarks, and highlights in the eBooks as you like.
  • EBooks return automatically and there are never any late fees or lost books.

Why do we have 3 eBook collections?

The Luther Rice Library strives to offer students the largest possible selection of eBooks. Each eBook vendor has a unique relationship with book publishers. So one eBook vendor may be currently offering content that the other isn't.

What are the differences between the 3 eBook Collections?

See the columns below for an outline of the various features and details you will need to know regarding each eBook collection.

See our All About eBooks video tutorial.

Try EBSCO EBooks

Click Book to Open

Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel J. Siegel and Mary Hartzell
Love Your God with all Your Mind by J. P. Moreland
The Book of Joshua by Marten Woudstra
A Summary of Christian History by Robert A. Baker
Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling : Changing Lives with God's Changeless Truth by Stephen Viars


What to Know about EBSCO EBooks...

The Collection

  • EBSCO eBooks is our main eBook collection. It contains about 287,000 eBook titles.

EBSCO: Access/Searching

  • EBSCO eBooks can easily be searched through the OneSEARCH box on the library homepage. There is a tab that will limit to eBooks only or you may do so after running your search by using the limiters on the left side of the results screen.
  • You will have full access to the content of the eBooks, upon logging in to the library. (Be sure to click the student login button first to get logged in.)
  • Be sure the Full-text limiter checkbox is checked when searching, if you don't want to look for eBooks that are not full-text through this online library.

EBSCO: Usage Details

  • You can read, search, copy and paste some text (most eBooks), and download specific pages of EBSCO eBooks without a download or logging in directly to EBSCO.
  • You can search the entire text of every EBSCO eBook by going to Advanced Search and changing the search parameters from "select a field" to "TX All Text Fields" and entering the terms you are looking for.

EBSCO: Saving for Later Access

  • You now have an auto-created login with EBSCO, if you agree to their privacy terms. This will allow you to save eBooks to a personal folder by clicking the folder icon in a list of results or the "save in folder" link in the eBook record on the right side.

  • You can also find the eBook's Permalink (located on the right side of the eBook record that appears when you click on the title) and save that link in a document or email to click for later access. (Press Enter on the keyboard after pasting the url to make the link active.)
  • If you download Adobe Digital Editions (see next section) and check the eBook out, it will be saved in this desktop application for the duration of the checkout period.

​EBSCO: Checkout/Download

  • Checkout time is up to 1 week. However, you can view the entire eBook from your browser without checking the book out, as long as there is an available copy. Checkout guarantees access to the eBook for the duration of the checkout period. However, if the book is available to multiple users or you only need one-time access, it may not be necessary to checkout the book. (Books with only one or two copies cannot be downloaded. This allows others access to the book when it is not being used by someone else.)
  • In order to checkout and/or download eBooks, you must have an account with EBSCO (see Usage Details above) and download and register Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. (Use the Help Menu in Adobe Digital Editions to select "Authorize computers" and choose the option to "Register without an ID," unless you need to transfer the file to another device.) Downloaded eBook files are accessible for the length of the checkout period. See step-by-step instructions here.

Mobile Acces

  • EBSCO now has a dedicated mobile app. See instructions using it here.

View the Full EBSCO eBook LibGuide for more information.


Try ProQuest EBooks

Click Book to Open

The Vulnerable Pastor: How Human Limitations Empower our Ministry by Mandy Smith and David Hansen
Matthew : an Exegetical and Theological Exposition of Holy Scripture by Craig L. Blomberg
Sin and Grace in Christian Counseling : an Integrative Paradigm by Mark R. McMinn
Made to Flourish by Shelley G. Trebesch
Planting Missional Churches : Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply by Ed Stetzer and Daniel IM


What to Know about ProQuest EBooks...

The Collection

  • The ProQuest eBook collection contains over 140,000 titles, most of which come with the library's GALILEO subscription package.

ProQuest: Access/Searching

  • Most ProQuest eBooks will appear in your OneSEARCH results using the eBooks tab. When they do, they will have an "Access Through Ebook Central" link that will lead you to the eBook in ProQuest.
  • The direct link to ProQuest EBook Central can be found on the library homepage under the heading Find Books, towards the bottom of the homepage on the left.
  • You will have full access to the content of the eBooks, upon logging in to the library. (Be sure to click the "All Students Click Here" button first to get logged in.) Most of the eBooks in this collection are available to an unlimited number of users at one time.

​ProQuest: Usage Details

  • When you visit ProQuest and click the Sign in link in the top right, this database will automatically recognize your student login and you will be automatically logged in to your personal ProQuest account upon visiting this site, from this point forward (as long as you are using the same computer). This will automatically allow you to start saving eBooks to your virtual bookshelf, as well as adding notations, bookmarks, and highlights to any eBook.

  • You can also copy and paste text and download specific pages and chapters of these eBooks to save indefinitely to your computer as PDFs.
  • By default, ProQuest eBooks automatically searches the entire text of every eBook when you run a standard search. To change this, run an Advanced Search and use the Title or Author fields to find specific titles or authors.

ProQuest: Saving for Later Access

  • Once you are signed in to ProQuest (see Usage Details above), the database will allow you to begin saving the books to your own virtual bookshelf. You can even create categories!
  • ProQuest eBooks also has the option to "Share Link to Book", where you can highlight the link, copy, and paste the link anywhere you like (such as a Word document or an email) for later access.

ProQuest: Checkout/Download

  • Checkout time is up to 3 weeks. However, most of these titles are available to an unlimited number of users at one time and you are easily able to make notes in the eBooks. So there is not typically a need to download, unless you will be offline.
  • In order to download full books, you will need to install and register Adobe Digital Editions. The eBook download will remain for the duration of the checkout time.

Mobile Access

  • On iOS and Android devices, you need Bluefire Reader, which is free from the App Store and Google Play. You need an Adobe ID to use Bluefire Reader.

View the Full ProQuest eBook guide for more information.

Try Axis 360 EBooks

Click Book to Open

Living by the Book by Howard G. Hendricks and William D. Hendricks
How to Read the Bible for all Its Worth by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart
Mere Apologetics by Alister E. McGrath


What to Know about Axis 360 EBooks...

The Collection

  • Axis 360 eBooks currently contains about 650 titles.

Axis 360: Access/Searching

  • Axis 360 is not searched by OneSEARCH. It will need to be searched separately from the Axis 360 website.
  • The Axis 360 page can be found under the Find Books heading on the library homepage.
  • To view any content of the eBooks, you will need to login again to the Axis 360 page, even if you are already logged in to the library. Use your zip code for your PIN/password and your email address for the Library Card ID field.
  • The books are available on a one-user-per-copy basis. If the one copy or multiple copies are checked out by other users, they are not available. There is also a limit of 10 eBooks per student from this collection at one time. You may return books early by clicking the return button.

Axis 360: Usage Details

  • You are not able to search within the full-text of all the Axis 360 eBooks at one time. You must check out an item, before you are able to search within it.
  • Axis 360 eBooks do not allow page or chapter downloads. It is also not possible to copy and paste text.
  • You are able to make notes, bookmarks, and highlights in Axis 360 eBooks.

Axis 360: Saving for Later Access

  • AxisNow (the in-browser reader) allows you to save checked out books to your browser for offline access. See this video for instructions.
  • You also have the option of saving a link to a book within the Axis 360 collection. Just copy and paste the top url/web address bar into a document, after clicking on the eBook.

Axis 360: Checkout/Download

  • In order to access Axis 360 eBook content you must login and checkout the book.
  • Checkout time is 2 weeks.
  • Immediately upon checking out the book, you can click "Read Now" to read the eBook in your browser. Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off. 

Mobile Access

View the Full Axis 360 LibGuide for more information/help.